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My patreon account’s new additions from January 2021

I have decided to spruce up my patreon account a bit from January 2021, earlier my $1 patrons used to get Agnijaat, and $2 patrons used to get Agnijaat and Agnishatdal every month, from January 2021-

A select set of my photographs and paintings will be available to my patrons in patreon from January 2021
$1 patrons will get a set of photographs
$2 patrons will get a set of photograph and paintings.

If you like these simple works and photographs and feel like encouraging the artist/photographer/author become my patrons and make me happy!

have a great day full of joy and laughter!
lots of Love.

Sharmishtha Basu

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durgapuja duti shishur duti jagat

This story came to mind while writing the first two books, just could not shake it off! Durgapuja through the eyes of two types of people- kids to be precise, the ones who want to have fun and those rare ones that seek divine company.

It is again bilingual, Bengali, English poems only and with coloured illustrations, ebook in kindle, not paperback.

durgapuja duti shishur duti jagat

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durgapuja mayer paye 108 agnishatdal

Last year (2015) when I was in Hyderabad, without a decent internet connection I was absolutely aghast, had nothing to do all day long but watch idiot box, but in place of growling around I passed it busy as bee, creating my 3 tributes for the mother Goddess.

Now, with all these years since I paid my final visit to Kamalpur (1998), my ancestral puja I decided to write them down, before I forget, and I already have forgotten some of the rituals 😦

I should thank Troy ( for this, because his desire resulted in my daring to write these books. He is the wind beneath my writing wings for quite some time, by reading my works and sharing his views on them, especially the ones about India.

durgapuja mayer paye 108 agnishatdal: It is bilingual, Bengali and English but both are parallel, and self-complete, Bengalis will enjoy both poems and those who know only one language wont mind not knowing the other.

It is mostly poems and of course full of illustrations, but available only as ebook.

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barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja

While writing the first book I realized that people like Troy ( who know very little about Bengal will need this one, the description of Durgapuja and Kalipuja, so I just shared my experiences, only experiences of Durgapuja and Kalipuja, have not been to any other Durgapuja or Kalipuja outside Kamalpur (since leaving it finally on 1998), just never felt like it, have taken a peek or two from outside the pandals but that’s all, after being a part of actual puja so full of love and ritualistic perfection (ask our priests how my uncles sat there watching their every move!) panadal pujas are so childish. I have no problem with kids playing but am not interested in playing with kids anymore. Too old physically and mentally!

Last year was exceptionally good, because as you know I was in Hyderabad and as a result nostalgia stayed away from heart after years, and I quite liked that. Instead of thinking about Kamalpur all the time I enjoyed Telugu Navratri 🙂 could not understand a word but loved the melodious voices of the singers as they sang praises of the deities in loudspeakers. It was a great experience!

Now the book!

This book is totally in English and no poems in it, only the experiences shared, explaining some things too.

barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja- it is absolutely filled with colour illustrations and is in kindle only, ebook, no paperback.