barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja

While writing the first book I realized that people like Troy ( who know very little about Bengal will need this one, the description of Durgapuja and Kalipuja, so I just shared my experiences, only experiences of Durgapuja and Kalipuja, have not been to any other Durgapuja or Kalipuja outside Kamalpur (since leaving it finally on 1998), just never felt like it, have taken a peek or two from outside the pandals but that’s all, after being a part of actual puja so full of love and ritualistic perfection (ask our priests how my uncles sat there watching their every move!) panadal pujas are so childish. I have no problem with kids playing but am not interested in playing with kids anymore. Too old physically and mentally!

Last year was exceptionally good, because as you know I was in Hyderabad and as a result nostalgia stayed away from heart after years, and I quite liked that. Instead of thinking about Kamalpur all the time I enjoyed Telugu Navratri 🙂 could not understand a word but loved the melodious voices of the singers as they sang praises of the deities in loudspeakers. It was a great experience!

Now the book!

This book is totally in English and no poems in it, only the experiences shared, explaining some things too.

barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja- it is absolutely filled with colour illustrations and is in kindle only, ebook, no paperback.


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Shubho Kalipuja and Dipawali!


A little gift for you on Kalipuja, Dipawali, hope you will like it, you can download it:

and a little extra 🙂

Horrorimo 20 @


His touch was soft like feather, words sweeter than honey. So full of love and devotion. It took him months to coax her, make her take that trip with him, to that field where lovers made out.

Once alone things happened to fast.

One minute he was talking sweet nothings, next minute his outer skin started to rip away like the buds outer covering is ripped away by the petals when the flower blooms.

For few hours that huge flower like thing stayed on the green luscious grass, immobile, then slowly it started to change, take the form of a human, a girl, young and pretty.

She picked up the dress of her dinner and covered herself before walking away, away from the small town, to next town, now she will have to lure someone, luring men was always easy, but getting virgin men was almost impossible. But she had 2 months in her hand.

To buy Agnishatdal or Agnijaat’s issue(s)

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Agnishatdal Book 1 (1423)

Agnijaat Book 1 (1423)

If you want to buy Agnishatdal or Agnijaat’s Issues write to me, I will send you the pdf files, or you can wait till October, they will come out in Kindle in October.

from October onwards they will come out 4 times annually, and if I muster up the energy an annual digest too, on 17th July every year.

July, August, September issues will come out together in October
October, November, December issues will come out together in January.
January, February, March issues will come out together in April.
April, May, June issues will come out together in July.

The annual digest too will come out in July, this one will be selection, I will ask the writers to pick up their choices from their works and compile them.

In the meantime if you want to buy them when they come out, every month, write to me – or and send a copy to

If you want them in return of a critic, then too write to me – in the above email ids.

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Well, my friends know I don’t have a bank account, yups, I don’t have one, therefore I don’t have a PAN number either, so my attempt of creating a fruitful paypal account failed miserably.

But that is hopefully a minor hiccup! I have one offer for you, which you may thoroughly enjoy, from 25.6.16 to 17th July if you want to buy an issue of agnishatdal you will have to do one thing-

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