Suprabhat with agnishatdal 4.4.16

From where did you showed up
the icy gust of wind
on an april morning,
chilling us a bit
but pleasing nonetheless!
Were you luring us?
tempting us to deceive?
Or just promising us
April wont be as scary as March!

When I opened my curtain on 1st April the first thing that greeted me was condensation of vapour on glass pane, that was a winter thing, gone since February!

Then I stepped out in the balcony at seven and boy the wind was chilly, smacking my bare arms to make hair stand!

Next came the gust of eastern wind cold and strong, they kept coming for another hour then just grew a few degree warmer.

Well… wonder what transformed the weather overnight! Hope it will keep doing it all through the summer.

Have a great day!


These cunning games!

Recently I was watching a movie, the rainman, in it an insurance company provides insurance papers to poor, middle class families (those who wont be able to sue them for claims) on insane terms and then when they need the money and apply their claims are rejected for full one year, on one false excuse or other!

This is exactly how my airtel internet connection makes me feel, now I know how lousy their connection is because of using an alternative connection- that maintains a brilliant speed till last MB of data left in the scheme. Whereas airtel gives me 3G data officially but the dataspeed I am supplied with NEVER rises over 2G, I used to think it is my computer, then I thought it is my house, then my brother pointed it out to me, that “E” right next to the internet icon means you are being provided 2G data.

Brilliant way of making money I will say! First supply customers with 3G plans and then keep the flow to 2G, how many times will they call the customer care services? Do they have nothing else to do with their miserable time?

Kudos for your business ethics, no, I noticed it without knowing for two months, and now whole march after knowing it is always “E” and that phone certainly supports 3G!