Reading through this id

Well, my primary connection is possessed it seems, one month has passed and it has not improved, I am really, really surprised why!

anyway, as it wont, and I am waiting for packers so I am not trying too hard, waiting till shifting to Kolkata, then if it does not… well I will call the customer service and ask if I will have to replace it!

So, I will be reading from here but not as regularly as I did when my prime connection was alive, I will not sign in into this provider much, as little as possible but will because I love to read in a leisurely speed, not gobble the entire truck load at a time.

Pray for my prime connection and bear with me.

Have a great time, and if you want to read my works go to my writing blogs of course 😉 You will get more than you can handle!

Love and hugs.

magnificent golconda fort


Cant thank bro enough for dragging his tired body to the fort on sunday.

It is massive and elegant. Of course i too photos more than 600 will share them when my primary connection isvup which for some reasons is not up yet and that is really getting on my nerves. To add up my favorite thing has happened, mydomainpvt’s password is again botched. No not forgotten just botched what a surprise gee!!

I will be reading your works whenever airtel allows commenting i guess after my internet is up!