170×170 day 143 20.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 143 20.9.15

We hear about shapeshifters in horror stories, watch them in movies, how they change their outer appearance, they become another person or beast at will.

These shapeshifters well, they certainly changed their identities, they had a good network that worked globally, whenever a prey walked in, who had a good past, preferably impeccable one without many friends and selfish or non-existent relatives they trapped him or her in.

S/he vanished but his identity stayed alive. Sometimes they helped people to swap their identities with those too.

A fugitive becomes Mr. good guy and one of the gangs starts using his identity to make quick money, the fugitive gets a clean slate with all past money and the shape-shifter gets a ready-made connection in underworld.

Ms. Naughty girl becomes a gorgeous girl with enviable background and impeccable character, plus the must in most societies huge amount of dowry, the shape-shifter gets Ms. Naughty girl’s clientele, Ms. Naughty girl starts an enviable life.

The only evil thing was evil ending of originals!


170×170 day 142 19.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 142 19.9.15

God: “You know Lucifer, cheating too should have a limit! You have crossed all limits! I created the earth, toiled on it for six days, then took just one day break and you broke into my office, and created a creature, that looks like you, acts like you and believes that it is my reflection on earth!”

“You placed that idea in its head so that it gives excuses for your wicked deeds, thinking that they are forgivable because God’s favorite is doing them!”

“They don’t even get the hints- I am formless, you take form, I can only communicate them through hints, which they can merrily ignore but you- you can actually persuade them through strong passions, obsessions which they can rarely refuse!”

“Look at my other kids, they have rules, principles, ethics and they abide them quite to the T, when they don’t nature punishes them, often destroys them, but your creation? They get away with every wicked thing possible and then improve their evil!”

Lucifer: “He He…”


170×170 day 141 18.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 141 18.9.15

“The advantage of being an Indian is your kids are insisted by everyone, everything around them to respect you, trust you with their everything. They of course go wayward but after an age, till then, if you tackle she will be a puppet in your hand. She will always think that you are her mother, right?” Sima said.

“All I want is revenge, she should pay for what her father has done to me. She should become what he made me, willingly, that will be the best revenge.”

“Don’t leave a single path leading to goodness in her life, ensure that every road she takes leads to hell or worse.”

“You will get your salary every month in your bank account, if you fail I will take care that you go to hell.”

“I am leaving but I will keep an eye on you, if you don’t do your job then I will make you regret.”

She left leaving the infant in the arms of the older woman for UK.


170×170 Just when I thought I wont be posting from this id

Just when you think things cant go any worse… well my prime connection is fully gone now, it is not even connecting anymore, and after allowing it to ruin my sort of ritualistic 170×170 twice (this one is third time) I have decided to shift the posts here, till this one too decides to act like a *****

All three times my posts were ready, and the **** connection did not worked, so I had to wait and wait for it to return, first time for three days, second time well, two days I think.

This time it is not getting that chance.

I will post these blogs again in mydomainpvt,window2mysoul, mycybernovels and magicthought when that *** connection resumes but till then I will be posting them here.

Love and hugs.

170×170 day 140 17.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 140 17.9.15

He entered her life, not directly, indirectly, invisibly to destroy her, her sin was she refused to marry his psycho brother, who could not accept the simple truth that love may not be reciprocated and killed himself. He stayed invisible but pulled every possible string with his money to ensure that her life becomes a living hell.

Some people get tired and move on, some change with time see their own mistake but most probably his brother’s insanity was present in him too, so he stayed for years, to ensure that everything she touches, or tries to touch gets destroyed.

Then when he became confident that he has destroyed her he moved on, maybe he was a bit bored. He never saw the car that hit him, when he woke up he was paralyzed waist below.

Within six month he was penniless and his life was more barren than hers, and more tormenting because the friends, family that deserted him- he believed that they were the reason for his living.


170×170 day 139 16.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 139 16.9.15

Some people put up masks to save themselves, some to destroy others, Mandal donned one to destroy someone too, that person had done him no harm, it was her sheer misfortune that she was born in the family of his enemies.

He entered her life pretending to be the ultimate friend in darkness, darkness that unknown to her was unleashed by him, but somehow she guessed that his intentions were poisonous so she tried to get rid of him but he stayed.

Like some parasites that don’t leave their hosts till they suck them dry of very life he too stayed. He succeeded too, then Karma knocked his door, and everything he did he got back with interest.

He begged and whined to God, for he still thought that he was right, then devil answered his prayer one night, told him God’s door open the day someone deliberately harms an innocent person, that instant that guy’s account gets transferred to hell. Redemption, well he can try, God may feel mercy.

commenting blog mainly I guess

well, for some reason known to itself my prime internet service is refusing to come back to life, it is heading for one month anniversary all I can do with that dumb connection is open my own blogs, answer comments, post new posts that takes sooooooooooooooo much time that it really, really gets on my nerves.

my phone is another story, it has 3G connection but it simply refuses to open wordpress, it does not gives a two penny’s hoot how many times and how many tricks I try, it just adamantly keeps repeating “cant find a secure connection” believe me it takes a lot of self control to stop myself from throwing the phone down to ground floor!

Therefore, I will be reading your comments, answering them and read your works whenever I can log in with this connection, this one too is a pretty fussy one.

quite often it bluntly refuses to log in or simply crashes in the middle of the game and does not revives at all!

so pray for quick recovery of my prime connection. Do read my works there, in my writing blogs, this is my reading blog 😉

love and hugs.