Shubho 25she boisakh, Tagore’s birthday!

Today is Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday! My salutes to the poet of the poets! One of my favorite human beings!


coming kingdom is for my patrons only at present!

coming kingdom is for the patrons only book, it contains my upcoming novels, piece by piece, sort of trying to entice my patrons into sharing their invaluable opinions about the pieces so i can modify the novels! writing alone can get boring if the story is long!

I sincerely hope to see you there! The stories of this book will come up as books in future. When they do i will announce their publishing!

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Agnishatdal and Agnijaat Book 6 in Shoptly

The sixth quarterlies of the twin, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat are published in shoptly. You can get them from there now! Will share the links later. You can simply go to my page and pick up from there right now!

If you are having some problem there you can directly buy it from me via paypal, pay me via paypal, then add the name of the book you bought and your email id in comment, I think paypal allows you a short comment! I will send you the pdf file.

If you cant post comment in paypal then send me your payment details and booklist in my gmail id I will send you the pdf files:


Agnishatdal Boisakh, April in shoptly

Agnishatdal is a joint creative effort, its authors are scattered all over the world, by name they are (for this issue) Troy, Raghu, Dom, Hemdiva, Sherri, Brieuc, Bitter Pill, Citizen Null and Sharmishtha.

they try to keep this monthly english ezine as versatile as they can for you. You will see all types of stuffs inside it, if you miss something tell us we will try! You will get stories, poems, artworks, satires, cartoons, serious/nonserious essays….



Agnimalya for my patrons in Patreon

Agnimalya is a book of stories, mainly, it will contain an illustration or two once in a while but dont count on that.

You will get both short and long stories divided into different issues. Stories of all types are its target of writing. Hope you will enjoy it!

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or buy the ones that will be published in shoptly from shoptly or via paypal. If you buy via paypal don’t forget to send me the name of the book if paypal allows you to add a comment, or simply send me an email with the list of the book(s) you have purchased via paypal.

Agnijaat Boisakh, April in shoptly

Agnijaat is a monthly English Ezine, created by Sharmishtha Basu, who tries to keep it as versatile and good as she can. Your suggestions for further improvement are really welcome!

You will get stories, poems, paintings, light essays, serious essays and all types of stuff i can create and they are ever changing (hopefully).