Sunday Seventeen 5.2.17

IMG_0034 masaraswati 12.2.16

Saraswati puja will be on 1.2.17, but this is one Goddess we writers, artists worship round the clock so, let it be today, 5.1.17 or one month later 5.2.17 we salute you the giver of wisdom and creativity!

like jasmine
wearing ice white,
ye yielding a veena in
your blessing hand.
We salute

This is a translation (part) of a Sanskrit shloka, that we all have to chant when we offer our puja to this much revered Goddess. 🙂

Have a fun sunday!

Sunday Seventeen 29.1.17


it is still 5.1.17, and I am just still rummaging the old bag, this one is from 2015 durgapuja 🙂

of beautiful
past can be
fun when present is drab,
not always an
excuse to

right? when I am checking out the old photographs a smile is popping up on my face, making me forget the concrete jungle right outside the window. 🙂

So memories are not always sad! right?

have a fun sunday! Sometimes they cheer you up when present has not much to offer.

Sunday Seventeen 15.1.17

canon golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0236

yo kids, it is still 5.1.17. So, pardon the old picture but the poem is new, though I sheepishly admit that I am not in the mood for writing poem! stil… its better to give you something instead of nothing!

little tired
is that cannon
just like the woman sitting
beside it, but
both can

Have a fun sunday!

Sunday Seventeen 22.1.17

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0015

hullo babies! it is still 5.1.17, so more oldies for you. If I am lucky (I mean it) I will be sharing fresh works in February. Airtel is truly disgusting! believe me!

this arch
once kings, queens
walked, now we walk, their
more, less worthless
descendants I

I do sometimes miss those glory days of India, it is true India has achieved a lot but it has lost its grandeur somewhere down the road. Courtesy goes to first few decades of politicians who with their “anti-aristocrat” slogans ruined something they don’t have the capacity to create.

I rather love the way Britain has maintained their past grandeur. Actually I envy that a bit! Past and present can

Sunday Seventeen 8.1.17

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0020

Don’t forget that these are all old stock, stuffs from past ;p it is still 5.1.17 and I am still cursing airtel as I am fishing out these old images from media library for you. As my folder of new works is sitting on the desktop taunting me! ;p

here is another seventeen word poem for you, the background is good old Golconda fort! How I miss feb 2015 to november 2016! ;p

it was
once, now it
is a tourist spot, used
to earn revenues,
consumerism is

I will love to buy a fort if I can maintain it, to make it my home of course! 🙂 That is a dream which will die with me.

Have a fun sunday!

Sunday Seventeen 1.1.17

Golconda fort FS2 23.8.15 IMG_0449

Happy new year? Eh? 😉

Hey! I finally managed a picture for you. Once again, may God bless you with the best only!

so, here is the seventeen word poem for you on 2017 😉

crumbling walls
once were proud
and tall, now those days
are gone, but
their glory

So, let us build our lives that way, right? when we are gone our glory may stay!