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His touch was soft like feather, words sweeter than honey. So full of love and devotion. It took him months to coax her, make her take that trip with him, to that field where lovers made out.

Once alone things happened to fast.

One minute he was talking sweet nothings, next minute his outer skin started to rip away like the buds outer covering is ripped away by the petals when the flower blooms.

For few hours that huge flower like thing stayed on the green luscious grass, immobile, then slowly it started to change, take the form of a human, a girl, young and pretty.

She picked up the dress of her dinner and covered herself before walking away, away from the small town, to next town, now she will have to lure someone, luring men was always easy, but getting virgin men was almost impossible. But she had 2 months in her hand.


the pup horrorimo 19 @ writerdiefiction.wordpress.com


Its shuffling against the door and whining made Jaya open the door, there it was softly whining, dragging its tiny body from one end of the porch to the other.

She carefully picked it up, it did not struggled or resisted, in place of that it snuggled against her like a dog, she could see clearly that it was not a dog, it was wolf or fox.

She fed it a bowl of milk and laid it down in the basket where her dog slept when he was alive. The puppy curled into a ball and fell asleep.

She woke up at dawn, like every day, she remembered the puppy when she was preparing her tea and went to check on it, a little boy, one or one and a half years old was sleeping in the basket, curled into a tight ball.

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He sat there, watching those hideous creatures stirring up the fire… to cook him!

Why did he crossed that cursed bridge!

Then hell! How was he supposed to know that some fairytales are true?

He took the less travelled road in the sanctuary, that led him deeper into the wood, then he reached this bridge, beautiful like a painting on that creek, reflecting the trees on both sides and the blue sky above.

“Troll Bridge” was written on that ages old board but he naturally ignored it and when that huge hand, as big as a truck snatched him away from the bridge he started screaming.

“Two bits of gold!” a voice roared.

“From where will I get gold?” he whimpered.

“We will have human tonight friends!” the voice roared again.

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“I would not have taken that road if I was you!” a voice startled him, Rajdeep turned to face an old man standing at his home’s gate.

“Why?” he asked, “It is so … serene and beautiful!”

“It is alright during daytime but the dusk is gathering, soon it will be night. a chudail- an evil female spirit roams on this road, luring the travelers to death!”

Rajdeep inched closer curious to hear more.

The man opened the gate and they sat down on his garden bench.

“Ten years or so ago a young woman of this area fell in love with a soldier, he left her, with a child in womb. She killed herself, jumped into a well at the end of this road, that is where she drowns everyone who trespasses that stretch of road after nightfall.”

“Oh!” Rajdeep said and got up to leave.

“You don’t believe me, do you? Then just obey a man old enough to your father!” the old man implored when he realized that Rajdeep was heading for the road.

“Don’t worry sir! I will be alright!” he waved at the old man and started walking. He reached the well and sat down on its boundary wall.

“Anu I am back!” he softly whispered.

The water of the well started churning and foaming, a young woman came out of it and landed in front of him, her eyes glazing with rage!

“I was shot in an encounter!” he said before she could open her mouth. “They discovered my body last week, performed the last rites and liberated my soul.”

“I have come to take you home!” he reached out for her hand. She smiled softly and called out “Baby! daddy is here!”

A child flew out of the well, they walked away together in the gathering darkness.

You should not steal for horrorimo 16 @ writerdiefiction.wordpress.com


Yeah yeah we all have read those moral science lessons, not only read them at school but have been hearing them everywhere!

I stole only ONE pumpkin!

How was I to know that it will start multiplying? My whole garden is covered with them now! I have barricaded all the doors and windows. What if one gets inside and starts multiplying?

new folks horrorimo 15 @writerdiefiction.wordpress.com


“There are crazies and there are crazies.” daddy said, as he settled down for the dinner.

“What happened?” mom asked.

“A family has just moved in the haunted house…” he said. “Moving in a house like that with a family! I saw the couple when they were getting down from their car, few kids and a young couple.”

A mile or so away another family was having their dinner.

There was a full goat on the dinner table. The whole family was digging in.

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“There is one thing I want to make crystal clear!” Professor Banerjee said in a no nonsense tone, Mohinul looked at him.

“Don’t meddle with any of the machineries! I picked up the smartest kid from the university as helper assuming you have a brain!” the professor continued.

Mohinul was gawking at the machineries all around him, they looked like science fiction movie set dummies.

“Don’t touch anything unless I ask you!” the professor was still talking. Then most probably he noticed that his student, apprentice was not actually listening to him. His tone changed to playful and he whistled loudly, “hey kitty kitty kitty.”

He heard the footsteps behind turned and screamed!

It was a five feet tall cat, walking on two legs… no it was a cat head on human torso, and the thing was standing right behind him! But it was not talking to the doctor, it was a cat on the shelf, with a lovely girl’s head perfectly attached to its neck was talking to the doctor. The genius of their time!

“Very funny daddy!” it growled in a garbled voice.

“Meet my daughter Trina.” the doctor introduced them. “I told her again and again to not touch the machineries…”

“Now we both will have to work and find out how … how we can get her head back on her own shoulders!”