Agnijashatdalama and Agnijashatdalam both are mine! :P

believe me I am not even the least amused! But last week I accidentally clicked on the link and noticed that the site is back to life! I don’t know if it will stay alive or wordpress will snatch it back but I have scheduled some posts there, so if you see posts there don’t be alarmed, I posted them!

so ha ha and ha ha ha…

both are my blogs right now! don’t poke fun! ok?


some lessons I have learnt from Indian business people…

1. Buy politicians to shout slogans for you, motivate them to fool or emotionally blackmail consumers to buy your things. Spend your money on politicians not improving your products.

2. Once you have pocketed your consumer’s money your job finishes. You have no moral liabilities to provide them with standard things, forget about the quality you boast in your advertisements.

3. If someone looks down upon your services, your standard call that person anti-national.

4. Instead of using the better products as challenge to improve yourself ruin their market.

anything you want to add? Honestly, I will really love it if Indian business houses try to respect the rights of their consumers. They are just like government babus, honestly!

If an internet connection malfunctions one day then we can say it is a glitch, but if it does it every day that means it CANT PERFORM! We pay the money for performance all the time, not when they feel like doling out charity, they are not doling out charity, we are buying their service.

When will someone teach this to Indian business houses and government babus?

Happy New Year 2017!

Another year gone,
a new one has begun,
must have been a mixed platter
for you, me, everyone.
some good things,
some bad things
must have shown up in plate,
let us just wait and see
what this year brings around.
It is too early to lose hope
and too early to hope too high!
But we all can bid 2016 goodbye
and try to make 2017 divine!

Well, apparently my internet service provider airtel has some other plans! anyways, I cant upload a picture, I will just have to say Happy new year in words!



WordPress or my internet connection once more?

Well, it seems like some unholy cahoots of airtel, the internet service provider, honestly! the day I sit down to blog is the day it starts to crash.

A few days ago it wasted two hours of my quite calculated time on facebook, the jackass just wont let me do anything! at first I thought that it was facebook, but then I came out and tried opening google, that too did not opened then I realized it was airtel, the ****** I restarted my phone a few times, that too did not worked. Finally I stopped.

Today, I am trying from 10-30 to upload jpg files, which take round about 30 seconds to get uploaded when I am using any other connection but airtel. But in case of airtel it depends on it I believe, whether or not it wants people to use their internet to be precise.

no wonder Indians still whine for “make in india” and “buy Indian” after so many years of fair competition with multinational companies, it is always better to shove down your inferior quality things down the gullets of others instead of making them better. right?

Can we actually repair all damages we do to others?

Well I have potpourri of friends, of all types- people like me who believe in karma, people who believe in love and forgive all and people who hate everyone (almost) 🙂

I have never believed that I can undo every bad thing I have done, honestly, nor do I demand forgiveness from them, even if my repentance is genuine, forget about demanding I don’t even hope for them. I just keep myself prepared for the repercussion! If it does not comes I feel grateful.

In last six months two of my relatives have tried “meeting” me, contacting me via email.

first was my niece, she posted a comment in my blog asking me to give my contact details to her, now I get her, when I left my ancestral home in 2005 after facing hell for full five + two years unleashed upon me by my own family, one of them was her mother, she was one of the forerunners actually. But my niece was on 7 years old when I left my ancestral home for good, and have never looked back since that day. Of course I miss my ancestral home and its puja but the people there are pure poison to me, but a seven year old child knows nothing. So I gave her the pdf file of my biographical book “the charons”. She replied telling me that she never posted that comment.

Next came another of my niece, she posted a comment on my blog and mailed me in both my public email ids, asking for my phone number, now this girl was my closest friend in that house, one of those who turned their face away when I truly really desperately needed a friend, she was quite old, she is most probably seven years junior to me. So, how can she expect that I will ever have anything to do with them? People who entertain backstabbers invite their own doom, and I am not that dumb. But do they actually think that after passing some years everything goes back to normal? Every stab in the back is forgotten and forgiven?

When I was in that spot they settled every spite, every score they had against me, did not leave a single one unsettled, mercilessly, without least remorse they kept hitting me till I wiped them out of my life.

Seems they think things change when they are the ones seeking reconciliation. Well I will say they are very optimist like my spiritual friends!

I just hope they wont bug me. Because they don’t exist to me anymore. As for my ancestral heritage, they don’t have the power to take that away from me, best part of being a Hindu, the minute I was born in that family, its heritage became mine, so if I praise my past that means I am praising my ancestors, their gifts to me, not them!

I hope they will understand that simple fact. 🙂

Thanks Carolyn!

Cant help it! When people like Carolyn add me to their friend’s circle I start flying a few inches above the ground. Because being liked by an spiritual person means a lot to me! I am so blunt and often harsh that I have to keep myself in control most of the time!

So when a gentle, enlightened soul thinks that I am worthy of being her friend it means A LOT to me! Well, that was not all! I made a place in that angel heart too! Now, that is something like impressing the person you adore! Right?

Right now I am reading her book “tomorrow’s end” for the second time and soaking up its light. I will grin all day to think I have impressed the writer!

So, forgive my vanity but just could not help myself from thanking Carolyn for blessing me with her love.

check out her beautiful post written about silly me:

copy paste the link to your browser’s address bar, it will open, if it does not add a http://

The whiners…

I grew up reading and hearing these people complaining about “how they would have performed a better religious ceremony had the upper caste people not stolen their rights.”

Then came the communist h**** of west Bengal, the refugees from Bangladesh completely washed out the culture of West Bengal, evicted the actual Bengalis from almost everywhere and claimed the power in every thing, including the religious sphere.

So, the whiners got a chance to excel right?

It is pathetic to see where they have taken the holy rituals! something cringes inside to see women sitting and making arrangements of puja on the road where people walk their dogs and they and heaven only knows what other animals make the mess.

We the tyrants of upper castes used to wake up at four to finish the arrangments of puja, we had very little money, so we had to do a lot by ourselves, and these people with wads of currency show up at eight in the morning and play puja games.

So, they should stop complaining about “not getting chances” right? But they still do!

It is quite a disadvantage to be a high-caste in India. Just like being a man in India.

Women always whine and complain about the atrocities men do against them, cunningly hiding the atrocities they do to other women, that surpasses the men and then there are those they do to men, that is not very slight either.

Whiners always win!