Shubho Mahanavami on Vijayadashami!


After finishing, creating and publishing the twins I created the Mahanavami greetings too, but I heard them crashing aplenty while I was creating that greeting.

Their ferocity was so un-naturally strong that I decided not to try my cellphone on a night like that. We had some thunder show last night, I am not scared of thunders, actually I quite love them but last night’s display was really loud.

So, here is your Mahanavami greetings on Vijayadashami, Vijayadashami greeting is ready, uploaded in computer will come tomorrow, heh heh.

Wish you all a blessed time!
love and hugs.

Shubho Mahashtami! Wish you a blessed Mahashtami!


It rained a lot here today! Solid rain but not as much as the weathermen scared us it will. Quite enjoyed the downpour, glad that it did not happened yesterday when I was out shopping 🙂

It would have caught me in the street, it poured down exactly during the hour I was out shopping 10:30 onwards (in the morning).

I bought a huge pack of flowers, got them pretty cheap too, and as an added bonus the flower seller gifted me a packet full of Coral jasmines! God bless him!

I was pretty sure that they are not available in the market, so I just casually asked him that no one sells them, do they and he said I have some. I asked him to add it to my basket and charge for it, he said take it as a gift! 🙂

Love love love those flowers!

Now, Wish you all a blessed Mahashtami, a beautiful, joyful one! May all the blessings of the Mother Goddess shower down upon you and your world!


Shubho Mahasaptami


Have a blessed Mahasaptami! May all the blessings of the Mother Goddess Durga shower down upon you and yours! May you be blessed always!

Today second trip to the pandal proved two things, two much relief I will say. First is I have not missed anything when I did not went to pandal pujas, there is nothing in them for those who actually want to attend puja, for fun seekers there is everything.

Second is Kolkata people are as obnoxious as I thought they were. Boy they truly are cheapest! Cant get cheaper. Guess this is what communists gifted to Kolkata, they replaced the actual Kolkata people with their pets, obnoxious, disgusting, rich and powerful, which the state and its people will suffer for the rest of their existence.

Boy communism is the worst plague that can happen to a society.

Can’t say I am sorry to return to point zero, I was really impressed by the mimicry of traditional puja here, at the end it was proved that give the same material to a worthy hand and an unworthy hand- the worthy hand will create something and the unworthy one will just ruin it. Even if their hand is much better than their rivals.

Honestly when it comes to being simply obnoxious I will give Kolkata’s rich folks 500 out of 100, and the remaining 100/100.

They only make me happy about my observation power though!

Hope I did not ruined your mood, it is extremely annoying to meet a cheap class woman who thinks she is the big cheese early in the morning! 😉

I accomplished another mission! I went to my old locality on my own!! I really did not think that I will make it back without getting lost but I did! I should congratulate myself ha ha…

This is the third time I have been out of here since we moved in here in November. So I deserve a little pat in my back from myself. Yeah, I went to shop of course, new dresses for bro.

Have a blessed day guys!

Shubho Mahashashthi!


Durgapuja begins!

The much-awaited days for almost every Bengali and much loved days for me are here again! As I type away I can hear the Dhak being played in our housing’s pandal, took a peek in the morning, the deity is beautiful. Very beautiful. The people are very nice too.

Sort of loved the privacy of this puja, away from roads, streets I could merrily wrap my sari without worrying about the places it will touch!

Have taken a few photos, my digital camera is driving me crazy for months, so not through it, phone camera, and you know how lousy they are!

will share them later, after resizing them, most probably post durgapuja!

May all the love, blessing of the Mother Goddess shower down upon your world, now and forever!


Shubho Nabobarsho 1423, Happy Bengali New Year 1423!


Today is Poila Boisakh, 1423, Bengali new year, so I outwitted the gremlins and managed to post a new year wish for you guys!

Boy! Ever since publishing my first books these gremlins are just assuring in one form or other that I stay away from internet. Hope they all die and go straight to the seventh hell and burn there till eternity!

Do stick around even if I play busy body, just pray for me that the gremlins are exterminated from my life forever in case you are missing my blabbering too! Like I am missing your dai

Shubho Saraswatipuja

IMG_0034 masaraswati 12.2.16

Yesterday was Saraswatipuja, the day when we Hindus worship the Goddess of knowledge, art and music, well, it is quite easy to guess that she is the Goddess who rules my world. 🙂

May her blessings always shower upon us, those of you whose world she rules and those who want her to rule her world.

masaraswati 11.2.16 greetings