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The third in our series of Paperbacks ‘Bringing of Light’ will be available early 2017, Dear Ones. In the meantime we have for you our second Paperback


changescover120x180Available from on-line bookstores such as October 2016

‘Changes’ almost ready to hit the on-line bookstores.

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Get ready, Dear Ones; we know those of you who delight in truth will guard this knowledge with eager anticipation.

For, Dear Hearts, we herald the advent of more knowledge of who you are and what you are doing here upon the Earth Fantasy.

Yes, Dear Ones, do not allow yourself to forego the knowledge that shall take you one step closer to Love and Perfection. Indeed, Dear Ones, Love and Perfection await you as you take within the knowledge of this age.

And what, Dear Hearts, is the knowledge of this…

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The Bad News… Caboodle Update.

I just learned from my publisher that my release for Caboodle & The Whole Kit which was due today has been postponed for a week or so due to unforeseen circumstances. I had queried why I didn&#…

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Silver Solstice & December Skies

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Dragonscale Clippings

Sneak previews of book covers, access to video links before a book is launched, reading the first chapters before a book goes on sale and free paperbacks! I’ve updated my rewards at Patreon so that you get even more for your money!
In November, my supporters will receive a previously unpublished blank verse that charts the colours and atmosphere of winter and/or a previously unpublished story about a grieving widow who makes a startling choice.
The nature of a number fantastical beasts and how they are perceived by us, and a tale about a young smith who makes a decision and risks his life to save a stranger… These were the themes of the poem and short story that were my October Rewards for my Patreon supporters.
If you missed out on these rewards, don’t worry! If you pledge your support for me at Patreon before 1st November, you will…

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Author’s desk presents: “Between two Fires” and its author Toni Wilson — Indie Adda

SB@Indie Adda: Tell us something about yourself Toni. Toni Williams: I was born and have lived much of my life in Saint Lucia, a 238-square-mile island located in the Eastern Caribbean. Presently, I live in a small mountain village overlooking the island’s east coast. It’s a quiet, rural place and the people in the community […]

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My Interview by Sharmishtha Basu — Words-to-World

Originally posted on Indie Adda: SB@INDIE ADDA: Tell us something about yourself Swati, who are you in earthly sense and in reality? Swati Sarangi: I’m currently pursuing Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. So, basically I’m a post graduate student by profession and a writer by passion. I’m someone who has an intense obsession with words,…

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