Agnijashatadalama- the online store for Sharmishtha Basu’s digital works!

Well the next step- This year was meant to be a busy year in many streams I guess! So, after quite a long period of mulling over I decided to open an online store.

It is in the constructive phase right now, the only thing that is holding it back is my paypal account, but if luck smiles it will be on before October!

Till then I will be sprucing it up and giving you ideas about what I will sell through Agnijashatadalama, if you will – be a good kid and run over to these blogs and see if you like the stuffs or feel something missing and come back here to tell me I will be really grateful.

Do suggest me about the prices of the things in special!

the sites:

Agnijaat and Agnishatdal Ashar, June has been published on due date, 16th June.

Well they have been published, like every month! the twelfth copy. The next copy will be the 1st copy of their second year! yay!!!

Thank you so very much my dear friends for sharing your priceless works with me!

Special Thanks to Troy for being the regular critique, contributor and wind beneath their wings!

Check out the ezines here:,

You can buy the old/new pdf copies from Troy @

Have a great time ahead!

To buy Agnishatdal or Agnijaat’s issue(s)

For buying the Book 1, the first Quarterlies of the Ezines-

Agnishatdal Book 1 (1423)

Agnijaat Book 1 (1423)

If you want to buy Agnishatdal or Agnijaat’s Issues write to me, I will send you the pdf files, or you can wait till October, they will come out in Kindle in October.

from October onwards they will come out 4 times annually, and if I muster up the energy an annual digest too, on 17th July every year.

July, August, September issues will come out together in October
October, November, December issues will come out together in January.
January, February, March issues will come out together in April.
April, May, June issues will come out together in July.

The annual digest too will come out in July, this one will be selection, I will ask the writers to pick up their choices from their works and compile them.

In the meantime if you want to buy them when they come out, every month, write to me – or and send a copy to

If you want them in return of a critic, then too write to me – in the above email ids.

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Well, my friends know I don’t have a bank account, yups, I don’t have one, therefore I don’t have a PAN number either, so my attempt of creating a fruitful paypal account failed miserably.

But that is hopefully a minor hiccup! I have one offer for you, which you may thoroughly enjoy, from 25.6.16 to 17th July if you want to buy an issue of agnishatdal you will have to do one thing-

The cost of the ezine is 1$ and I have a huge amount of books in amazon, pick up any book that catches your fancy from here:

and then buy it, I will deduct 1$ as the token price of the book (irrespective of the book you choose) and the rest of the price will be equivalent of issues of Agnishatdal you will get, that is if you select a book of 4$ you will get…

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Check out Agnijaat- the Ezine!

It is a solo creation, I have found a brand-new way of keeping my muse busy! When I published Agnishatdal on 17.7.16, her twin sister too joined in.

Agnishatdal is a collection of works- of amazing artists and writers, friends who have showered it with their blessings and amazing creativity, Agnijaat on the other hand is my solo creation. It contains stories, poems, cartoon, photograph, essays… hope you will enjoy her!

If you want a copy of Agnishatdal and/or Agnijaat for free you will have to promise me a review, and write to me @ and plus send a copy to Because I check those ids once a month, when I dispatch the new issues.

I will send you the copies when I get your emails.

you can check out the sites here-

Bing acknowledges “agnishatdal”!

Now, for the writers of Agnishatdal the Ezine and her mommy it certainly is a news worth sharing, right? Yesterday I was checking out the visibility of “Agnishatdal” via bing and google, and my jaw almost dropped when bing showed “agnishatdal” in the drop-down menu after I finished typing the word…. yay!!!!

Hope our combined effort will keep it there!

Thanks Bing! love you!

Will you check for me and tell me if it is showing in your browser too?

A very important request

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Though Akki clarified it later, that he has not sent me the post, but when I checked my inbox and noticed his mail has not reached me I instantly thought internet has gobbled it up. It does it all the time, at least in this part of world!

So, if you have sent me your work will you please scroll an inch or two down the left sidebar and see the image with name of July issue writers, click on it and it will take you to the page where the list of the writers whose works have reached me is shared, if your name is not there do let me know! Please! Leave a comment here and in gmail too!

Do remember one thing though, it will be published every month, so if you miss the July-August issue or Shravan Issue don’t fret, send me your work it will…

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