170×170 day 170 17.10.15 THE D DAY!!!

Well, the final one is certainly about my most favorite being, treasure whatever you call God. My love for her started when I was a tiny tot and after many years of calm, turbulence and hell I am pretty certain that it will last for the rest of my existence!

If there is a next birth, which I hope is not I often pray to God that my love for Her stays as deep as it is in this birth. She is the one treasure I am not ready to lose. Not ever!

With age and experience I have realized that it is faith that builds the bridge between God and human beings, those who don’t have it won’t feel it and those who have it will never be able to prove it but won’t have a doubt about it.

I fall in the latter category, I don’t get involved in arguments, because I can feel Her omnipresence, every time I think about her, so I don’t need anyone’s approval.


170×170 169 16.10.15

When I look around I always marvel at this amazing planet, in which we are truly blessed to live, it is so full of beautiful miracles, plants, flowers, birds, small big creatures! Even though my travelling stars are lousy so I never had much chances of seeing the legendary tourist spots but am blessed enough to have the eye that seeks out beauty in nature herself! If we think about her grandeur our hearts will fill up with awe and admiration.

This chance of living in her lap alone can make life beautiful experience, no matter how hard life tries to convince us otherwise! I remember few words by one of my favorite poets Kazi Nazrul- “My son died that night, my heart was shattering to pieces but I remember inhaling the fragrance of the night queen flowers that filled up plant that night, with all of my heart and soul.” I too think nature is a very powerful healer, our hearts are happiest when they can feel her beauty.

170×170 15.10.15

Even though I can’t paint anywhere close to my satisfaction I have always loved, admired art, that is why I brazenly keep trying to improve my paintings!
When I was in school, up to college days I used to visit Burdwan book fair regularly with my meager amount of pocket money, back then USSR was intact and one of their publishing houses held a stall, Vostok, boy they sold priceless books for pennies! I collected a few of their books, as many as my limited allowance allowed.
Even now I love to see those paintings by legendary artists like Vinci, Rembrandt and wonder what were their fingers made of!
I really love the works of Boucher because of the gorgeous details of his works they gave his works a special dimension.
But at the end I will agree with art critics when they say different artist have their different powers and they all are beautiful, so like them, I too love them all with their own individual gifts of colours.

170×170 14.10.15

Well I have lived in lot of houses, that much I can tell you, but if you ask me two of my favorites they will be my ancestral houses of Burdwan and Kamalpur, and I will certainly love to possess houses like that if I can manage the maintenance bills, old houses need lot of tending.

I instantly fell in love with the Kamalpur house but the Burdwan house took a little time to earn love, it was a bit scary, you know scary in the department of spooksville, I actually stopped feeling that fear after meeting human monsters, before that, even in my late twenties that house somehow seemed full of ghosts, and to add up I used to have a series of very disturbing nightmares there. Even now the thought of those nightmares is not very pleasant for me. Don’t think about them much don’t want anything like that back. Still those two houses with their amazing gift of absolute privacy in lap of nature can’t be surpassed!

170×170 13.10.15

morning star 7.10.15 IMG_0002

Just like the primitive man and woman I too love sky and its celestial residents, they can be anything, stars, clouds, sun, moon, comets!

One of my favorite hobbies was sky gazing, there is something deeply peaceful in sky, when one looks at it it fills up the very core of our being with its tranquil presence.

I realized what I have been missing after shifting to Hyderabad, The sky, full of its glory is hardly visible from Kolkata houses, unless of course you are lucky as one can be. Because even if it is visible if you try it after nightfall chances are you will die due to some mosquito carried disease. So, I truly wonder how many Calcatians enjoy this beauty. As for the stars, forget it, if you see one thank God that you could see it!

Here the morning star and moon for you. Morning and evening stars are my favorite amongst stars. One most probably is Jupiter, the other one Venus, none is star though!

170×170 day 164 11.10.15

When I first saw fireflies I thought that they were truly fairies with lanterns, or at least some very beautiful creature like butterfly or dragonfly. Then of course I caught one and was quite disappointed to see the brown bug in the morning.

But after the initial disappointment the love returned. I still remember when I first went to Kamalpur, I was very little and there was no electricity in Kamalpur, and the bamboo groves were filled with fireflies. I have never seen so many fireflies together they actually gave those groves a faint light.

I remember asking my father what they were.

The strange thing is when I returned there in 1985 electricity was not there till then but the fireflies were gone. There were some but not that many.

Maybe because the river dried up or it might have rained excessive that year or pollution! I still love those illuminant bugs! There is something full of hope with those specs of light as they fly around in night darkness.

170×170 12.10.15

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures if you ask me, nothing can beat their beauty in my eyes. My father’s garden was full of butterflies, so even though I was a little monster back then when it came to poor butterflies and dragonflies I noticed their beauty too most probably that’s what sealed their doom. Then I shifted to Delhi with my elder sister. I don’t remember seeing much butterflies there, that’s for sure. The funny thing was even though Burdwan when I returned there was full of greenery, and when I finally left it, it still was full of greenery but butterflies? There were handful of them only, and they were really bland too!
Then I came to Hyderabad and I have not seen so many butterflies at a time after Tundla, my childhood, there was a fortnight a month back when they flew past my balcony in dozens every minute and dazzling beauties too, and my love for them came back in full glory! Everybody loves them, right?