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Ruckus on Tractor parade of farmers

Essay date: 26.1.21

It is so fishy to begin with! The farmers who have been showing extreme patience and discipline from the very beginning went berserk all of a sudden! That too coincided with sudden hand of friendship offered by Delhi Police after downright hostility from the beginning. Their earnest attempt to stop farmers from reaching Delhi included tear gas, lathicharge, digging up the roads, putting up barriers like stones and concrete slabs suddenly evaporated in freezing winter air and the farmers went berserk!

Well, maybe a portion of real protesters did go berserk or a group of outsiders mingled with the protesters to give them a bad name, that has happened before in Delhi itself during JNU protests, hooligans joined the protesting students and burned down public property. It is nothing new for politicians to infiltrate their just opponents and malign their image. Hopefully we will know what has happened with time, because fortunately Modi Media was not the only media covering the protest.

We have an exemplary government in center right now, a government that is turning its poor laborers and farmers into slaves of corporate houses [or one in particular whose alarming rate of money making has shocked international economists, the country is about to starve and they are making money out of air!]. Our government is letting its farmers freeze in Delhi cold, under open sky for months, making its poorest of poor labourers walking for thousands of miles to reach their homes because of child-play of a man in throne, no one keeps the count of the farmers who have died protesting or the labourers who have lost their lives during that walk home. Modi media is more busy in making fool of public.

Right after the ruckus happened the main instigators were discovered having quite close bond with BJP, one of the main instigators was seen campaigning for BJP in 2019 [Deep Siddhu].

As a “retaliation” stones were pelted at the camps of protesting farmers and their water and electricity connection was revoked temporarily but was later returned.

The only good thing is that it only further motivated farmers to join the protest in larger numbers.

What kind of country is India becoming? Where poor have no right, farmers have to “Fight to make government revoke a farm law they think is bad for them!” Awesome! More than 180 people have died because of this protest but the government cares not! What happened to the “For the people” part of Indian constitution?

“Sell everything to highest bidding corporate houses!” seems the new mantra of Indian rulers.

No matter what happened on Republic day or who did it we still are in support of the just fight of our farmers and will be! Vijayi Bhava! May victory be yours because your fight is just!


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