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Jay Shriram Netaji!

Essay date: 26.1.21

Our much revered Prime Minister and his Rambhakta sena paid us a visit on 23rd January to “dishonour” one of Bengal’s favorites, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the overzealous “bhaktas” were heard shouting Jay Shri Ram from the crowd. I sincerely hope that the Bengalis with brain took a note of that gesture and if they have any blood of freedom fighters, liberal human beings left in their veins they will never allow BJP in Bengal.

It is crystal clear how much respect they have for Netaji and Bengal and what will they do to Bengalis and their idols if they grab the power and devour this state too!

A party that has no decorum, dignity and is ready to do everything for power is not welcome here anymore, we have suffered one for thirty years and are still licking our wounds, reminding ourselves of our true wealth that lies not in China or Russia but in Bengal.

Our current chief minister or her party may have their flaws but they are not fascists, they have brought all religions together, they celebrate every festival Hindu or of other religions openly and they have kept Bengal safe for independent women till date. Here a five year old girl can play outside her home not watched over by her parents, a young woman can go to field and work in peace, an old woman can sleep in her home in peace without being afraid of ruling party backed animal’s attack and murder!

We don’t want to go back in time, drink cow urine or eat cow-dung, we believe women are equals to men and we believe Muslims are our brothers/friends/neighbours, don’t bring your poison to Bengal, stay away from it!

It is not the first time though, they have shown the same cheapness during the birthday celebration of Swami vivekananda too, when their overzealous bhakts washed a statue of Swamiji with water of Ganges because the local ruling party has offered their puja to that statue. How lower can a party sink!

Forget about calling out a dead celebrity [Jahar Ganguly- one of the icons of Bengali movie who passed away in 1968 or so] at his home and causing pain or shock to his family members!
No sane Bengali wants you keep your vanarsena, cow dung, cow pee and politics of hatred away from us!


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