Any Geeks out there? Am I being paranoid? I fear not!

I have seen it happening again and again, mostly I lose temper and quit internet but that did not happened today, guess I was too furious to do it.

Now I am a bit paranoid so I keep my Wi-Fi disabled, I manually turn it on every time I surf using my computer. It has been more than a year now, I frequently change my admin password, so, when I sign in with changed administrator password things work nice for some time, then after the first post gets published or I post a comment- to be precise I make my online presence known my computer either slows down to zombie speed or crashes- today it crashed six or seven times, every time windows just asked whether it will start normally or not and I said yes, logged in again and right after I clicked “new post” it unceremoniously clashed!

After the fifth time I logged in into the admin account, changed the password, changed the password of the limited user account and signed in.

The speed increased.
the computer did not crashed after scheduling seven or eight posts.



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sharmishtha basu

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