some lessons I have learnt from Indian business people…

1. Buy politicians to shout slogans for you, motivate them to fool or emotionally blackmail consumers to buy your things. Spend your money on politicians not improving your products.

2. Once you have pocketed your consumer’s money your job finishes. You have no moral liabilities to provide them with standard things, forget about the quality you boast in your advertisements.

3. If someone looks down upon your services, your standard call that person anti-national.

4. Instead of using the better products as challenge to improve yourself ruin their market.

anything you want to add? Honestly, I will really love it if Indian business houses try to respect the rights of their consumers. They are just like government babus, honestly!

If an internet connection malfunctions one day then we can say it is a glitch, but if it does it every day that means it CANT PERFORM! We pay the money for performance all the time, not when they feel like doling out charity, they are not doling out charity, we are buying their service.

When will someone teach this to Indian business houses and government babus?

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sharmishtha basu

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