In the dark for Horrorimo 11 @


Their ruckus in their holes finally could no longer shoo sleep away from his eyes, he fell asleep after listening to them for hours, furry intruders scurrying all about the old house, in their own mansions built inside its walls.

Absolute silence woke him up not their ruckus.

A soft wind from the woods was blowing the curtain gently, land outside was flooded with moonlight, that made it much easier for him to notice the dark silhouette against the open window, someone was entering the room.

He grabbed the cricket bat lying by the bed, then looked at the intruder, he was inside now, slowly standing up, its red eyes staring at him.

He could see the moonlit landscape in pieces, through its ribcage and other gaps of its skeleton.

Published by

sharmishtha basu

Published author in amazon looking for literary agents and publishers, feel free to contact me or Creative editor of two Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat- check them out here and

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