Can we actually repair all damages we do to others?

Well I have potpourri of friends, of all types- people like me who believe in karma, people who believe in love and forgive all and people who hate everyone (almost) šŸ™‚

I have never believed that I can undo every bad thing I have done, honestly, nor do I demand forgiveness from them, even if my repentance is genuine, forget about demanding I don’t even hope for them. I just keep myself prepared for the repercussion! If it does not comes I feel grateful.

In last six months two of my relatives have tried “meeting” me, contacting me via email.

first was my niece, she posted a comment in my blog asking me to give my contact details to her, now I get her, when I left my ancestral home in 2005 after facing hell for full five + two years unleashed upon me by my own family, one of them was her mother, she was one of the forerunners actually. But my niece was on 7 years old when I left my ancestral home for good, and have never looked back since that day. Of course I miss my ancestral home and its puja but the people there are pure poison to me, but a seven year old child knows nothing. So I gave her the pdf file of my biographical book “the charons”. She replied telling me that she never posted that comment.

Next came another of my niece, she posted a comment on my blog and mailed me in both my public email ids, asking for my phone number, now this girl was my closest friend in that house, one of those who turned their face away when I truly really desperately needed a friend, she was quite old, she is most probably seven years junior to me. So, how can she expect that I will ever have anything to do with them? People who entertain backstabbers invite their own doom, and I am not that dumb. But do they actually think that after passing some years everything goes back to normal? Every stab in the back is forgotten and forgiven?

When I was in that spot they settled every spite, every score they had against me, did not leave a single one unsettled, mercilessly, without least remorse they kept hitting me till I wiped them out of my life.

Seems they think things change when they are the ones seeking reconciliation. Well I will say they are very optimist like my spiritual friends!

I just hope they wont bug me. Because they don’t exist to me anymore. As for my ancestral heritage, they don’t have the power to take that away from me, best part of being a Hindu, the minute I was born in that family, its heritage became mine, so if I praise my past that means I am praising my ancestors, their gifts to me, not them!

I hope they will understand that simple fact. šŸ™‚


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sharmishtha basu

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