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She collected posters, of all horror movies she watched, it was sort of an obsession.

“If you want I can turn them into murals into your bedroom.” her interior designer said when he noticed them.

“That will be a cool!” she said and gave him the assignment.

It was a stormy night. The thunders were terrifying! The wind was howling and roaring as it tore into her room through the open window.

She opened her eyes and her first instinct was,

“Rats! the wind ripped the posters open!”

When she saw Freddie flying across the room.

The next instant she remembered that they were no longer posters.

Published by

sharmishtha basu

Published author in amazon looking for literary agents and publishers, feel free to contact me @sharmishthabasu@Hotmail.com or sermistabasu@gmail.com. Creative editor of two Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat- check them out here agnishatdalezine.wordpress.com and agnijaat.wordpress.com

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