The whiners…

I grew up reading and hearing these people complaining about “how they would have performed a better religious ceremony had the upper caste people not stolen their rights.”

Then came the communist h**** of west Bengal, the refugees from Bangladesh completely washed out the culture of West Bengal, evicted the actual Bengalis from almost everywhere and claimed the power in every thing, including the religious sphere.

So, the whiners got a chance to excel right?

It is pathetic to see where they have taken the holy rituals! something cringes inside to see women sitting and making arrangements of puja on the road where people walk their dogs and they and heaven only knows what other animals make the mess.

We the tyrants of upper castes used to wake up at four to finish the arrangments of puja, we had very little money, so we had to do a lot by ourselves, and these people with wads of currency show up at eight in the morning and play puja games.

So, they should stop complaining about “not getting chances” right? But they still do!

It is quite a disadvantage to be a high-caste in India. Just like being a man in India.

Women always whine and complain about the atrocities men do against them, cunningly hiding the atrocities they do to other women, that surpasses the men and then there are those they do to men, that is not very slight either.

Whiners always win!


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sharmishtha basu

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14 thoughts on “The whiners…”

    1. YOU CAN SAY THAT! The people I have seen nothing will rinse the garbage they have left in my mind, and the people I have seen- nothing will ruin their sweet images πŸ™‚

      Maybe that knowledge made me dear to a pure soul like you! πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank You, Dear Trisha; it is a pleasure to know you.
        Hahaaaa…. Pure soul is very flattering! I want the best for all, including the (so-called) worst of us. Only in this way shall we progress to Love and Perfection! πŸ™‚


      2. ah! that is why I said pure soul. No I don’t want “best” for everyone, I believe in Karma, and that includes me too, when I am done with my life I hope that God will clear my karmas and cleanse me of my sins by making me pay for them. I want to be pure of heart, body and soul when I finally surrender to God. I wish same for everyone! πŸ˜‰

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