Inspired by Vishal and his friends.

Recently I was reading some posts by, a brilliant set of writings by women who face gender discriminations day in and day out, especially in work places.

The thing that tickles me to death is when men talk about “dresses that provoke” them!

Now, OK, women do wear exposing dresses, but don’t they?

Next time when you think about saying it to a woman google some images about the dresses of Vedic era women! what they wore!

Now, do you know that Vedic women were best treated by their men? No, men of Vedic era treated their women better than modern Hindus do (if you go by numbers not one or two)- they treated them as EQUALS in every sense.

So… what did they were? three pieces, with bare arms, exposing belly buttons… etc etc, fully displaying their fabulous figures!

They studied side by side men.

They learned skills of warfare and politics in the same co-educational ashrams.

They were free to choose their own husbands.

They were free to go anywhere they wanted without any escort.

Hey!!! Learn something from your 3000 years old predecessors!


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