Shubhdin with Agnishatdal 30.9.16

SWA zsep 30.9.16

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Ashwin Agnishatdal ( published on 18.9.16) Writers 4 U


The Issue will be published on 18.9.16
so will be Ashwin Agnijaat, on the same date.

You will meet them here:

If you want to join us in the Kartik (18th October) Issue of Agnishatdal check out this page and send your work to and (BOTH IDS PLEASE).


Agnishatdal and Indie Adda are looking for Authors and Books

Are you an author interested in getting your interview published in an Ezine and a platform for Indie writers?

You are cordially, whole-heartedly welcome!

Write to me, we will discuss and your interview, book related interview will be published in

Indie Adda
Indie Adda Facebook Page

In next available issue of Agnishatdal, a monthly Ezine.
Its site
Its facebook page
And its group

Feel free to write to me- and


Write for Kartik (18.10.16) Agnishatdal!


Kartik Agnishatdal submission’s final date is 30th September 2016.

The Ashwin ezines will be published on 18.9.16, if you want to buy a copy write to me or wait till October, from October Agnishatdal and Agnijaat will be in Amazon, three months compiled as one ezine, the price will be $3.5, if you get the pdf files, the price will be a little less:)

The writers of Agnishatdal:

Join us in Kartik Issue, 18.10.16:)

the address for the mails- and copy to BOTH IDS PLEASE!

Please leave a message in the comment/reader’s page after reading the ezines!!! Encourage the praise hungry creators!

The pages of authors of Shravan (17.7.16) Bhadra (18.8.16) Ashwin (18.9.16) Issues:

… Have a great time!


Write for Indie Adda!

Indie Adda is an attempt to build a platform for Indie authors, their interviews, critics for their works are posted here, will love to have some guest bloggers there!

Right now I can’t pay you anything monetarily but will love to write for you in return if you want.

Apart from that, your post will be shared in Indie Adda’s facebook page.

Its Group in Goodreads, that is eagerly waiting for you-

If you allow me, it can be added into the Agnishatdal Ezine too.

If you have something to say about Indie publishing or Writers we will love to hear that!

* Anything that will help an Indie author.
* That will stimulate the muse.
* That will entertain the author or the muse.
* That will benefit the author or the muse.
* You have some service, product that will benefit Indie Writers- I am not against advertising your products, services, I know how tough it is to reach out to readers, so if you are an editor, an agent, a publicist, a website owner, a blogger you can introduce yourself, your services in the form of a blog post and place your request, I will gladly publish it for free.

or last but not the least

* Anything you have to say to other writers/ Indie publishers.

Write to me- and send a copy to (MUST). I always acknowledge mails, if I don’t like them I will tell you.

before you send them to me copyright them!

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Agnishatdal and Agnijaat in Amazon from October.

Well, from October the twins will be in Amazon, I have checked out their format, it does not screws up my ezines, so they will be compiled together in three months in one issue and will be published in Amazon. The price of each trissue will be $3.5, if you buy the pdf files directly from me, you will get 0.5$ concession 😉


NOW, Though I have told you all in the very beginning that I might do it, publish your works in Amazon, Facebook or wherever I try to publicize your works and the Ezines, IF YOU HAVE ANY OBJECTION TELL ME WITHIN 30th September, otherwise I will know that you don’t have any objections and will publish them, the same rule will be applied for all submissions you send for Agnishatdal henceforth!