Achievers Award for accomplishments from indieadda to N.S. Romanus @


Well, this month onwards, I am going to try to share some of my friends, whose achievements have made me gush, and wonder if I had the capacity of doing what they can do so easily.

First is always special, so this month there are two achievers- one is my friend Jonathan Ojanpera, the less I talk about his talents the better, because he and his wife Lisa are absolutely spoilt by God when it comes to talents. Now, to make us even more envious of himself he has added another feather to his cap- he is running a website as an editor in charge, it’s a great achievement that much can be said. To me it is awesome.

Check it out here:

The second one is my friend Ngobesing S. Romanus, the thing which I found amazing about his blog is the positive vibe it gives the younger generation, the way he tries to inspire, coach the younger generation to build a mindset that will help them into living a happy, successful life.

Check him out here:

and here is a little chit-chat with my friend:

Sharmishtha Basu: The thing that instantly captures one’s heart is your desire, intention to inspire, guide young people. Why this tough path? Why not just play around like we do?

Ngobesing S. Romanus: Thank you for this interview. I am passionate about inspiring others especially young people to bring out the best in them. I have done this all my life and it gives me joy. I enjoy seeing people do great things. I enjoy seeing people go from where they are to where they want to be. I believe that everyone has potential for greatness. All that is needed is the right education, the right attitude and enough encouragement. I believe that our world was meant to be an excellent place for everybody. If we are all helped and encouraged to bring out the best in us and we in turn give the best of ourselves to the world, we will have an excellent world for every body to enjoy.

Sharmishtha Basu: I really loved your determination of building a mutually nurturing group. Tell us about it!!!!

How are you going to build it?

How to join?

Ngobesing S. Romanus: I am very passionate about building a tribe of people who share my vision of an excellent world; of helping people to be the best that they can be. I believe that out in the world there are billions of very good people who are dying to see good, love, happiness prevail in the world. These are the kinds of people I am praying to have in my group so that together we promote love, understanding, justice, in short those values that will go to make the world an excellent place. My vision is not for my lifetime. My vision is of a world that will take thousands of years to build; but we must play our part and play it well for the ball to keep rolling in the right direction.

To build this tribe, I am bringing people together in various ways. I have put up and will put more challenges that will help the members of the tribe to realize first their blogging goals and through it other goals. All my challenges are created for the good of those who participate in them. Already I have received reports from people thanking me for their stats have jumped. I am happy. I know I am starting slowly but I foresee a boom sooner or later when people know what I am doing. It seems my star that people love me and love my work.

To join any of my challenges come to my site at, and sign in in the comment box. I am still studying better and more professional ways of doing it. WordPress has awesome staff who are helping me and friends on the web like you are doing same. I am determined to overcome all the obstacles on my path to create something for the world.

Thank you for the opportunity of this interview which enhances what I am doing. I wish to appeal to anyone who has the means and good will to help me in what I am doing not to hesitate. One finger cannot remove meat from a pot. I need all the help I can get to do what I dream to do.

Sharmishtha Basu: What are the duties?
Ngobesing S. Romanus: Each participant in a challenge has some things to do.Each challenge has its rules. It is respecting the rules that makes it succeed.

Sharmishtha Basu: How will you maintain the discipline? What if people don’t do their part? That’s a common practice in blogs- people don’t return comments, visits..

Ngobesing S. Romanus:: If anyone joins a challenge but does not do what is expected, the one is the loser. Every challenge here is a win-win. The more active you are, the more you gain. Secondly, birds of a feather flock together. Most of the people who will be attracted by what I do here are people with honest hearts; good hearts who like their good and the good of others; they are people with a team spirit. They will see the benefits of what is offered here and appreciate and do what is necessary for every body to grow.

Sharmishtha Basu: Hope there is no deadline for joining? Please say no!!!

Ngobesing S. Romanus: There are some challenges that have deadlines but are reopened at at the end; others do not. You can join at any time. Example: Friendship Challenge. You can join at any time. Happy Birthday Challenge can be joined at any time. The Solidarity Support Challenge is closed for now but will soon be reopened for the next round. Registration is going on for the Blog Review Challenge. You can see the best is still to come. Again thank you for this interview. This is my first interview on the web and I appreciate you for it.


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3 thoughts on “Achievers Award for accomplishments from indieadda to N.S. Romanus @”

  1. This interview is my best gift since I started blogging. Wow! You are so sweet to grant me this interview Sharmishtha. I have interviewed many bloggers and now I know how it feels to to be interview especially by a star like you and to see the interview on the web. ‘Thank you’ is not enough. Hugs hugs hugs, I am reblogging this.

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  2. I like how you focus on your friends and make them feel so good, here on your blog! Sharmishtha, you are a good friend to others and a “Jewel” Peace be with you, ❤ Robin


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