Shubhdin With Agnishatdal 31.8.16

SWA zaug 31.8.16

Have a great day!


Sunday Sevnteen from Agnishatdal 28.8.16

Sunsev raug 28.8

Have a great sunday!

Check out Agnijaat- the Ezine!

It is a solo creation, I have found a brand-new way of keeping my muse busy! When I published Agnishatdal on 17.7.16, her twin sister too joined in.

Agnishatdal is a collection of works- of amazing artists and writers, friends who have showered it with their blessings and amazing creativity, Agnijaat on the other hand is my solo creation. It contains stories, poems, cartoon, photograph, essays… hope you will enjoy her!

If you want a copy of Agnishatdal and/or Agnijaat for free you will have to promise me a review, and write to me @ and plus send a copy to Because I check those ids once a month, when I dispatch the new issues.

I will send you the copies when I get your emails.

you can check out the sites here-

Bing acknowledges “agnishatdal”!

Now, for the writers of Agnishatdal the Ezine and her mommy it certainly is a news worth sharing, right? Yesterday I was checking out the visibility of “Agnishatdal” via bing and google, and my jaw almost dropped when bing showed “agnishatdal” in the drop-down menu after I finished typing the word…. yay!!!!

Hope our combined effort will keep it there!

Thanks Bing! love you!

Will you check for me and tell me if it is showing in your browser too?