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Agnishatdal The Ezine

Well, as I was working on my facebook page for writers, indie writers, checkoutourbooks the idea crossed my mind and I changed my profile to agnishatdal, I think it will be a good idea to keep it there too, the more, the merrier I guess.

The posts are being planned, for this site and that timeline, they will start coming up real soon.

you can check out the profile-

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Agnishatdal the Ezine (1st Issue will come out on 17.7.16)

Agnishatdal The Ezine

agnishatdal the ezine

Right now I can’t promise you financial payments but I will try to make up with other things if you join me in my attempt of creating this classic, which ultimately will help all the creators/writers I firmly believe.

For the first year I wont be able to financially pay you anything (If I earn anything from the magazine I will try to invest that in the site, so that all both get more popularity).

But I will happily do two things-

one there will be a gallery of contributors in the magazine where you will be introduced to the readers and you  can say anything you want (I will edit it, get approved by you before publishing it of course), the same gallery will be in the website too!

two, if you want to place a single, one page ad about anything/everything in the magazine that is appropriate for the…

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how many attempts does it takes….??

How many attempts does it takes to insert “more than 10 pictures in one wordpress post” unlimited number of attempts.

step one- the images get uploaded, never without a glitch, at least one image requires second attempt.
step two x n numbers- I hit the insert into the page button, media gallery closes I am staring at a blank page.
I do it again
and again
and again
and again

then all of a sudden they appear in multiple numbers!

Gee! is not it fun!

Which “selling Agnishatdal” option is better you think?

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Read my first post about glitch of selling the magazine 🙂

Do you think the process I have thought is better (till I open a bank account -chances are slim) or will I publish the magazine directly from amazon, which I am a bit apprehensive about, because my internet status is quite dicey and amazon takes a lot of data to upload books ;p

open up guys! just tell me what you think as best option.



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Submissions for Agnishatdal Bhadra 1423 (18th August) Issue

Agnishatdal The Ezine

Well, Shraban Issue submissions are done with. Packed up! Phew! Now, comes the next month, Bhadra 1423 (18th August is 1st Bhadra), start rummaging your works for this issue 🙂

We will be waiting for your submissions eagerly.

Thank you guys for your priceless gifts for the Shraban Issue. Love you so very much!

writers for first issue

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Final Writer’s List for Agnishatdal Shravan 1423 Issue

Agnishatdal The Ezine

writers for first issue

Well Akki and Melinda, I did not get your posts on Saturday, will check today and correct the list, don’t worry, if you have sent the file and it has reached me you will see the rectified list.

Thank you so very much for your contributions guys, it means more than a lot to me! I will try to check the blog every day, and gmail account too, but honestly agnishatdal is hungry for all my time but I will tackle somehow!

I was planning all day on Saturday and sunday to check this blog and gmail account but she kept throwing one idea after the other at me! Finally I surrendered and dedicated both days to Her, yups, I have decided Agnishatdal is my daughter. 🙂 No I don’t have any problem with men, I think they are the fairer gender but I always wanted to have a daughter…

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