Suprabhat with agnishatdal 4.4.16

From where did you showed up
the icy gust of wind
on an april morning,
chilling us a bit
but pleasing nonetheless!
Were you luring us?
tempting us to deceive?
Or just promising us
April wont be as scary as March!

When I opened my curtain on 1st April the first thing that greeted me was condensation of vapour on glass pane, that was a winter thing, gone since February!

Then I stepped out in the balcony at seven and boy the wind was chilly, smacking my bare arms to make hair stand!

Next came the gust of eastern wind cold and strong, they kept coming for another hour then just grew a few degree warmer.

Well… wonder what transformed the weather overnight! Hope it will keep doing it all through the summer.

Have a great day!


Published by

sharmishtha basu

Published author in amazon looking for literary agents and publishers, feel free to contact me or Creative editor of two Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat- check them out here and

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