Suprabhat With Agnishatdal 25.4.16

the little birds
show up in flock
to hide in her thick
fortress of leaves.
Then the golden flowers
show up and cascade down her,
the bees and butterflies follow.
the key like seeds precede them,
and when they are dried
every bird in neighbourhood
show up for a bite (?)!

There is a gold-shower tree right by my brother’s window I never knew that they are bird magnets! Good that their thick leaves provide them with ample protection from ghouls that stalk them with slingshots, there is a group of three teenagers who go around killing birds ruthlessly in this neighbourhood, hope and pray karma will catch up real soon! Sorry for the stain of gray but can’t shake those ghouls off my mind since saw them killing one right in front of my eyes. These are the times when one longs for a gun!

Have a great day!


Suprabhat with agnishatdal 18.4.16

stumble and fall
but to rise again.
You will learn the right path,
the right gait and right sway,
as you walk forward.
Along with that you will know
who you can count upon
when you fall,
and who you should keep an eye
so they could never trip you
or shove you again!

We do complain a lot about falling and hurting, but we should use them as teachers not mere pain!

They teach us so much!

Have a great day.

Shubho Nabobarsho 1423, Happy Bengali New Year 1423!


Today is Poila Boisakh, 1423, Bengali new year, so I outwitted the gremlins and managed to post a new year wish for you guys!

Boy! Ever since publishing my first books these gremlins are just assuring in one form or other that I stay away from internet. Hope they all die and go straight to the seventh hell and burn there till eternity!

Do stick around even if I play busy body, just pray for me that the gremlins are exterminated from my life forever in case you are missing my blabbering too! Like I am missing your dai

Agnishatdal (the lotus of fire) – A Monthly Ezine about India from India


Well I am trying to divert my energy to this creation, because it did not ebbed away with time it just is looking for new forms to express itself.

This magazine will be my new child, it’s main tune of course will be India, Bengal, I will be covering that portion, if you want to contribute your works as guest writers (they will go by your names) feel free to send your works to my email id

but do remember a few things-

1. There will be a paypal button but at present I wont be able to pay anything for your work. In future if I earn I will then discuss payment.

2. This is a magazine for those who can love their own culture and criticize it. May not love other cultures but don’t criticize them, in gist no bashing of “religion, God, countries (other than your own, the one you are residing it I mean). But when you are bashing you will clearly mention the facts if it is an article or say that this is your personal opinion.

My goal behind this magazine is very clear- to share the beautiful past of my glorious country, region and honestly criticize very angrily the way She is being led by greedy, corrupted children of present time!

You can write anything you want. But I want to create something that will upgrade itself to a classic, so keep that in mind when you write!

Without least hesitation I can say, Bengalis will know, my ideal magazine is “Sandesh” I grew up reading as a child. I will try to create that touch in Agnishatdal.

3. The magazine will be published on 1st of every Bengali month, that will be in the middle of English months.

4. It will contain private essays, paintings, photographs, stories, if you want you can send cartoons too. Copyright your works before sending them to me for publishing.

5. It will be published on the net (partially) the full magazine will be available in pdf form, after payment of 1$

6. If you want to advertise in good old fashioned way, that is the print-like way, no urls etc. I mean feel free to contact me with your contents. They will be shown in the magazine available for web viewers and will be included in the pdf file for 1$ each page, every month.

7. The first copy will be published on 1st Shravan, and thereafter it will come every 1st day of Bengali month.

Wish me luck and join me!


Suprabhat With Agnishatdal 11.4.16

call it power of manifestation,
may be the power of tenacity
but the things you long for
even if they are too beautiful
may end up on your palm!
If you just wait patiently
with all your senses open for it.

This is a wisdom gained through photography. I chase them till I get exhausted! then all of a sudden they show up in my camera willingly and give me magical shots. 🙂

power of manifestation?

Have a great day!

Suprabhat with agnishatdal 4.4.16

From where did you showed up
the icy gust of wind
on an april morning,
chilling us a bit
but pleasing nonetheless!
Were you luring us?
tempting us to deceive?
Or just promising us
April wont be as scary as March!

When I opened my curtain on 1st April the first thing that greeted me was condensation of vapour on glass pane, that was a winter thing, gone since February!

Then I stepped out in the balcony at seven and boy the wind was chilly, smacking my bare arms to make hair stand!

Next came the gust of eastern wind cold and strong, they kept coming for another hour then just grew a few degree warmer.

Well… wonder what transformed the weather overnight! Hope it will keep doing it all through the summer.

Have a great day!

These cunning games!

Recently I was watching a movie, the rainman, in it an insurance company provides insurance papers to poor, middle class families (those who wont be able to sue them for claims) on insane terms and then when they need the money and apply their claims are rejected for full one year, on one false excuse or other!

This is exactly how my airtel internet connection makes me feel, now I know how lousy their connection is because of using an alternative connection- that maintains a brilliant speed till last MB of data left in the scheme. Whereas airtel gives me 3G data officially but the dataspeed I am supplied with NEVER rises over 2G, I used to think it is my computer, then I thought it is my house, then my brother pointed it out to me, that “E” right next to the internet icon means you are being provided 2G data.

Brilliant way of making money I will say! First supply customers with 3G plans and then keep the flow to 2G, how many times will they call the customer care services? Do they have nothing else to do with their miserable time?

Kudos for your business ethics, no, I noticed it without knowing for two months, and now whole march after knowing it is always “E” and that phone certainly supports 3G!