Suprabhat 11.12.15

SWA 11.12.15

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Internet problems are back…

Well my f***** internet is back to its **** avatar again, I really don’t know what is wrong with it, but whatever it is it is really getting on my nerves.

For last 15 days or so this **** is downloading 17 updates of windows, every time I am logging in, and failing and then trying again I log in next time. When I am trying to download them it is not downloading them, whining that I am not connected to internet, but I can log in into wordpress, write and comment in a terrific speed but as per windows I am not signing in, but it certainly is “updating” those 17 updates every time I am closing my laptop.

I have a very serious suspicion that it is Microsoft’s handywork not my internet service provider, my brother says that it happens when the connection is slow, then that dumb site should do something about it.

Anyway, that as you can guess is ruining my wordpress activities, so … what can I say but to wait 🙂