Back to Kolkata… finally!

Well the elusive packers finally showed up on 30/10/15 and departed with the belongings, I boarded East Coast Express on 31/10/15, reached back in Kolkata on 1/11/15, one hour before time 🙂

I was absolutely miserable to leave Hyderabad behind but after dawn broke on 2/11/15 all my sadness evaporated. The views from my bedroom window reminds me not of Burdwan, but of my village home Kamalpur, it in one word is magical!

It is hard to believe that such houses still exist in Kolkata~ Right now as I am writing I hear birdcalls and a squirrel just hopped down from a branch to the boundary wall and is running off to somewhere.

As far as my eyes can travel I see trees, grass and everything but human beings 🙂

pitohui 12.11.15 IMG_0005 FS


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12 thoughts on “Back to Kolkata… finally!”

    1. thanks Robin, it is a rented house so…. it will all depends on circumstances, but I will certainly love to have this flat as my own 😉 but buying a flat in Kolkata… not in this life… too costly for an unemployed woman! even if a miracle happens and I can manage to buy a flat/house that wont be a flat like this! It is way beyond my budget!!! 😉

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      1. Do you have way to make money like watching children, taking dogs to walk or helping in an office? When I had to leave teaching without reaching required higher degree in school, I chose to work in a warehouse (factory made auto parts packing) so it is hard work, fingers go numb. Hope you may have some less strenuous job to do. Take care. Peace, Robin ♡


      2. These jobs are not taken as “respectable” jobs in India, and you know what happens when a woman joins a job that is not “respectable”, the problem is Indian women are not very bold, especially the ones with background like mine- so called “good family background”, we are destined to either marry or work in corporates or become doctor, engineer – my problems are bizarre, so I cant hope for normal solutions like you guy, I tried for full ten years to work in average offices but some evil creatures had some other plans, they won in this field because India is controlled by monsters like them. I will send you a word file in your email address, you can check it out, you will see that normal does not works for me (not my choice).


    1. life in Hyderabad was new, back to Kolkata is back to Kolkata 😉 Earlier I liked Kolkata only because I thought Kolkata people are best in India, but after living in Hyderabad my opinion has changed, so … no new, only back to old place. 😉

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      1. I take a lot of time in making up my mind, and mostly a lot of time (or never) changing it, I was already quite ticked off with Kolkata when I left, don’t see any reasons why I will start loving it – nothing has changed 🙂

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      2. It’s not really the place itself though is it? Wasn’t it rather the people you had to put up with? Obviously, I know nothing about the place itself, but you’ll decided to return so there must be something. 🙂


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