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Have a blessed day!

Love n hugs.



Well, I am unemployed, and live in rented flats, have been living since 2005, after walking away from my ancestral family + property in 2005, when I share the events of my life with friends I realize one thing again and again, how limited our vocabulary is in some fields!

When a married woman stays at home, does chore she is called a housewife, so what will people call me? housesister? Housesibling? Now, unemployed is a very negative phrase, is not it? After all, I may not get a paycheck but I am indirectly very much involved in economical processes- I cook, I do chores, I do laundry… ;p so I am involved in economy, so why don’t we fall into some positive category? That is why I call myself home minister, when someone asks me what I do!

Second is those of us, who live in rented apartments … when we shift what will we tell others? Well we shifted… we landed in our new home… etc etc… people instantly think the best, assume the very best, that we have bought a new flat! ha ha!

First congratulations came from Vishal when he read my post about my “new flat”, he assumed I have bought it! I had to tell him that it was rented. I had to tell him that chances of my buying a flat in Kolkata is somewhere near 1% and in this locality? ha ha! Unless of course Steven Spielberg likes one of my stories or one of my books become a bestseller in amazon ;p

Who can say??

Funny is not it how limited our vocabulary are in these two cases, you have one to share?

Jihad.. Please don’t scream.

Very true words Noor.

The Plate Memoirs

This is a super long & a very personal rant, about something that really hurt the depths of my soul & made me feel miserable.

So, I’ve seen alot of hate spewing venom, being spurred at Muslims & calling them ” Jihadis” & ” Terrorists”. Ergo, I thought.. Why don’t I enlighten the unaware lot??

I, saw a certain gentleman on Facebook , hurl expletives at another person, just because the other guy was a Muslim?? 😱😱 Calling him, a ****, blah, blah, & born & bought up as a Jihadi?? 😳😳🙄🙄 And something like all Muslims are terrorists in disguise.

Ummm… Dude, just because I wear camouflage military prints to sleep, doesn’t make me a commando on call. 😒😒

🤓🤓 Do I look like it? Do I? Do I?

Jihad.. That dreaded word!! It’s pretty dreadful innit?? I mean that word & you’re picturing bombings, kidnappings, killings, diasporas, blood…

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Vote for our upcoming web venture

Cool idea V and Tarusha. Will love to join if I can 🙂

Vishal Bheeroo

It’s a project I wanted to do for long and toyed with the idea. Initially, spoke to some friends but it never took off. Then, I got busy last year with my new job profile as a Special Correspondent with an Expat Magazine. Now, that I am no longer with the organisation and on a kinda sabbatical from journalism, I shall be venturing on an online portal along with my associate and good friend, Tarusha, who has been a great support for the web portal start-up.

It’s still in the initial planning stage where we are zeroing on names. The project is very dear to us and Tarusha constantly pushed me to go for it. It’s our project and not mine solely. I spoke to my mentor who gave me amazing inputs on how to make it work. We will need the support of every one of you here to…

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I am back but not fully….

Well I am back but I have too much to catch up, and the internet connection is still a hindrance, not like Hyderabad but still a hindrance, so if I am a little late in catching up your works please forgive me.

You will see my posts in my writing blogs, but I will be reading your works mostly from this one 🙂

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Back to Kolkata… finally!

Well the elusive packers finally showed up on 30/10/15 and departed with the belongings, I boarded East Coast Express on 31/10/15, reached back in Kolkata on 1/11/15, one hour before time 🙂

I was absolutely miserable to leave Hyderabad behind but after dawn broke on 2/11/15 all my sadness evaporated. The views from my bedroom window reminds me not of Burdwan, but of my village home Kamalpur, it in one word is magical!

It is hard to believe that such houses still exist in Kolkata~ Right now as I am writing I hear birdcalls and a squirrel just hopped down from a branch to the boundary wall and is running off to somewhere.

As far as my eyes can travel I see trees, grass and everything but human beings 🙂

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