Still in Hyderabad without internet (much)

Well, I am still in Hyderabad, passed my first puja here, cant say I did not loved it, actually I quite loved it, because it saved me from the nostalgia I suffered in Kolkata. I just could not join the pandal crowd and dearly missed a thing I cant have- Kamalpur puja.

Here I thoroughly enjoyed the Telugu pujas- they too celebrate navratri more with spiritualism than materialism, then they had festival of flowers- Bathukamma, I will have to read about it and share it with you later. Unfortunately don’t have any Telugu friends who will give me an insight view, wont be staying till next year I fear so…

But wherever I go and stay I will always be a fan of Hyderabad and Telugu people, they are so amazing, so very loyal to own culture yet don’t harass others…. if someone asks me in future I will most probably say that best people in India live in Hyderabad not Kolkata.

They are super cool!

Well my prime connection is still gone, and my phone connection is very costly so please don’t forget me while I try to get my internet in place. If you do miss me write me some mails to let me know you are still around ;p

Love and hugs.


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4 thoughts on “Still in Hyderabad without internet (much)”

  1. Too bad you won’t be able to stay in that area, Trisha. You seem happier there. I went to two pujas last week…both Saraswati pujas and my daughter assisted in the ceremonies. I’m proud of her devotion and faith to her beliefs.


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