Shubho Mahasaptami

2 mahasaptami 2015 20.10.15

Well, Mahasaptami is the second day of Durgapuja, Durgapuja if you don’t know is a beautiful celebration of women’s lib in real sense! In ancient time a Demon, Mahishasur (buffalo demon) procured a boon from Brama that no male creature, God, man, beast or any other being will be able to kill him and went on a rampage.

The arrogant fellow forgot about including the female species, so the Goddess was born, with all the powers of Gods and she killed the demon, but that was done during Basantipuja, in Spring, that will be April, this puja in autumn is called Akalbodhan (untimely awakening), it was started by Sriramchandra, before starting the war with Ravana he asked for the blessings of the Goddess, and got it.

In Northern India it is celebrated as Navratri, there the Goddess rides tiger, in West Bengal it is durgapuja, here the Goddess rides lion and slays the demon. In North it is mostly Ramlila, the saga of Ram, dandia and garba, in Bengal it is puja of the Goddess, and very often her four kids- Malaxmi, Masaraswati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya.

Have a beautiful blessed time my dear friends, May all the blessings of the mother Goddess shower down upon you. May all good things show up and stay in your world forever.
Love and hugs.

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