170×170 day 163 10.10.15

I love flowers, without any favoritism, they all are beautiful to me, starting from the grass flower to orchids or roses.

Ever since my childhood I have loved them, it is not a love that I picked up with maturity, I remember noticing the grass flowers or wild flowers, no matter how small they were and never compared them with their more dazzling sisters.

There is something very pure and sweet about flowers, their sheer presence can lift mood. We don’t have to be able to touch them or inhale their fragrance flowers in a distant tree will give you as much pleasure as one right beside us!

These are the times when I thank God for giving us human beings this power to love, adore and enjoy these amazing gifts, now our love for flowers is for the sake of love itself- we don’t have any role in pollination, still we love it for its sheer beauty. Honestly I don’t think any other creature is blessed with this power!


Published by

sharmishtha basu

Published author in amazon looking for literary agents and publishers, feel free to contact me @sharmishthabasu@Hotmail.com or sermistabasu@gmail.com. Creative editor of two Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat- check them out here agnishatdalezine.wordpress.com and agnijaat.wordpress.com

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