170×170 day 139 16.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 139 16.9.15

Some people put up masks to save themselves, some to destroy others, Mandal donned one to destroy someone too, that person had done him no harm, it was her sheer misfortune that she was born in the family of his enemies.

He entered her life pretending to be the ultimate friend in darkness, darkness that unknown to her was unleashed by him, but somehow she guessed that his intentions were poisonous so she tried to get rid of him but he stayed.

Like some parasites that don’t leave their hosts till they suck them dry of very life he too stayed. He succeeded too, then Karma knocked his door, and everything he did he got back with interest.

He begged and whined to God, for he still thought that he was right, then devil answered his prayer one night, told him God’s door open the day someone deliberately harms an innocent person, that instant that guy’s account gets transferred to hell. Redemption, well he can try, God may feel mercy.


Published by

sharmishtha basu

Published author in amazon looking for literary agents and publishers, feel free to contact me @sharmishthabasu@Hotmail.com or sermistabasu@gmail.com. Creative editor of two Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat- check them out here agnishatdalezine.wordpress.com and agnijaat.wordpress.com

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