commenting blog mainly I guess

well, for some reason known to itself my prime internet service is refusing to come back to life, it is heading for one month anniversary all I can do with that dumb connection is open my own blogs, answer comments, post new posts that takes sooooooooooooooo much time that it really, really gets on my nerves.

my phone is another story, it has 3G connection but it simply refuses to open wordpress, it does not gives a two penny’s hoot how many times and how many tricks I try, it just adamantly keeps repeating “cant find a secure connection” believe me it takes a lot of self control to stop myself from throwing the phone down to ground floor!

Therefore, I will be reading your comments, answering them and read your works whenever I can log in with this connection, this one too is a pretty fussy one.

quite often it bluntly refuses to log in or simply crashes in the middle of the game and does not revives at all!

so pray for quick recovery of my prime connection. Do read my works there, in my writing blogs, this is my reading blog 😉

love and hugs.

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sharmishtha basu

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20 thoughts on “commenting blog mainly I guess”

  1. I totally understand your frustration. Count until ten – thousand – breathe deeply and don’t throw the bl..dy phone on the ground. Those things to shatter. Let us hope global warming will improve the connection.


    1. I wont, even though the temptation is really strong, believe me. if you want to communicate email, because right now i am in a cafe but my phone internet is purgatory, it does not allows me to open my own blog, forget about reading/responding to comments.


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      1. That can be so frustrating. Just so you know, my phone line (land line) has been down for over a week now, they still haven’t come to fix it. 😦


      2. You are right. I am in shock. Same happened in January. It took me almost 2-3 months to gather up the will to write. Now I feel the same. Not knowing which “demon” I should heed? Sorrow or Rage?


      3. The tooth-fairy was a bad joke. But, yes, eventually, the bad ends, and we can start picking up the pieces. Having said that, I hope you’re happy to be back home. Love. B.


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