170×170 day 151 28.9.15 dark stories

She was brilliant at this role, when she was a small child her mother took her to places where no child goes, by the time she was ten she was thoroughly corrupted and a puppet in her mother’s hand. She became quite an expert in acting, especially the role of victims, victimized truly it did not required much skill to play victim on every role offered to her, no not by silver screen, by her mother at first then the eternal trap – money.

She started to work for an organization that stayed invisible and worked through greedy persons like her, spread all across the globe.

Their job was quite unique, ruining reputation, credibility. Perks were mind-blowing!

One of her ex husbands is now living in Germany, he not only got a new cast, creed also fifteen year bonus in age, when they played husband and wife to ruin a whistleblower he was fifty, now she sees his picture in newspapers, a thirty five year old entrepreneur embracing high and mighties!



170×170 day 150 27.9.15 dark stories- 150th post yippy!

In public eyes they were sworn enemies, bayed for each other’s blood, there was no mingling, even formal between the two clans.

But behind all that curses and bellowing they worked for the same boss, in his chamber they were just two hunting dogs.

Why did they act otherwise in open? Well, that was an idea of their master, a genius of criminal activities. That gave them excuses to do the worst evil for their boss, under the disguise of “blind hatred”.
Ssuppose Mr. Das fell for a girl (who incidentally was a whistleblower) now Mr. Mandal, his arch enemy vented his frustration on that poor woman, Mr. Das retaliated, Mr. Mandal was not able to touch Mr. Das but hey! He could easily touch his beloved, because that woman knew nothing of their enmity, she was a peachy tool to settle each and every score on Mr. Das, so he did that!

He not only had his clan to help but some strangers too sympathized with his fake sob-story.


170×170 day 149 26.9.15 dark stories

“All you will have to do is convince everyone that she is your wife, and this child is your child with her.” Mr. Das said, “If you don’t, just brace yourself for passing the rest of your life behind bars, I will take care that you spend that in the company of the worst criminals, with history of grisliest abuses.”

He knew he did not have much choice, he could commit suicide but it is not that easy, is it? Das was promising him a way out after he did his part, out of the country with a new identity. That will mean he will be able to start fresh. Maybe he can select the country, some country where people are nonchalant to people like him!

So he started living in a single room attached to her room, she never saw him, but he did, quite minutely so he could tell everyone that they were married.

After a while when she left the house she told everyone she has eloped!


170×170 day 148 25.9.15 dark stories

They played games that only women can play one will guess, after centuries of being oppressed by men the power hungry women discovered ways, methods that will keep the upper layer of innocence intact when they hit. Mostly those hits were lethal, one hit and poof!

She was outspoken, her only fault, she had huge yardsticks of morality that she followed and no, she did not wanted the world to be like her, she just wanted people close to her be like her and clearly, bluntly told others to take a hike.

Lata took it as an offense, when she called her types corrupt, of course she was not in her true form, hiding behind the layer of innocence but little must have shown through the façade because “She” got a bit suspicious about Lata’s actual intentions.

Lata settled her score by taking a step backwards and unleashing her entire coven after her, they branded her as one of them to the whole world.

Then Karma stepped in, to balance.


one of my favorite poems by versebender


An English teacher walking home
From class one autumn night
Is accosted by a snarling wolf
That gives her quite a fright
“By your size and your formation,
You’re like nothing that I know”
“Werewolf,” growled the monster…
“It’s the full moon makes me so”
“A talking wolf, she cried in shock,
“That’s really quite precocious,
But Sir Wolf, I’m sad to say
Your grammar’s quite atrocious
Oh, your muscles are of sinew
And your coat shines like a mink’s
Your eyes reflect the starlight,
But your conjugation stinks!
Take no offense you wretched beast,
But I must beg your pardon
How can you say you were a wolf
When you still clearly are one?
If you choose to butcher people,
Well, it’s all the same to me,
But I just can’t let you butcher
The simple verb to be
Now if you’ll pay attention,
I’ll explain the best I can.
That when speaking in the present tense
You say a wolf I am
And if the past tense should apply,
As I’m sure sometimes it does,
You still don’t say I were a wolf
You say a wolf I was
And when looking to the future
As the full moon sets you free
Well then, my friend, it’s fair to say
A lovely wolf I’ll be
For something more exotic
Toss a participle in
The imperfect: having been a wolf…
Or the perfect: wolf I’ve been
That’s quite enough for this time
I feel you’ve done your best
Now you go home and practice,
‘Cause next time there’ll be a test!”
The creature bared its ivory fangs
And crouched down on its paws
It growled deep within its throat
And spread its awful jaws
“Wait! I am, I am a teacher”
She cried to the charging cur
He gobbled her, then licked his chops,
And said “You mean you were!”

Author versebender

If you are looking for splendid poems which will make you laugh with all your heart read this blog. Very frankly I am bowled over by the expertise with which these poems are written. I have not met a wittier, funnier person. This one is one of my favourites.

Even though his blog is not functioning since 2014 but here is the link to his book


Hope it will open, I am going to check it out for sure.

Why do my posts miss scheduled time till I am online?

I schedule my posts and since yesterday I am noticing that when I log in wordpress is showing that the post missed its scheduled time, then I go to the blog, it is there, when I return the red highlighting text is gone, what is it? Some kind of bug or wordpress waits for me to log in into my own account before posting my works?

It is creepy for sure.

170×170 day 147 24.9.15 dark stories

She fell in love, deeply, nonchalant to the fact that he was not rich, nothing close to the suitor her family might have chosen for her. That is what love is all about!

He was her colleague, a silent type of man who preferred not to notice her signs, her hints that she wanted to take next step, turn their friendship into something deeper.

Then things went wrong, the decent, silent man all of a sudden started to act like a sick, depraved type of man, she still could not stop loving him, it was really deep and strong, then she started to notice weirder things, like little changes in him, a mole coming and going, colour of eye, hair thicker, thinner as if there were multiple persons using the same name, same office, same designation of course.

Well, naturally cupid ran off as fast his wings could take him, leaving her absolutely shocked and shattered.

The only thing she thanked God was that this did not happened after marriage!