golconda fort pixet 2

canon golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0236

Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0020


magnificent golconda fort


Cant thank bro enough for dragging his tired body to the fort on sunday.

It is massive and elegant. Of course i too photos more than 600 will share them when my primary connection isvup which for some reasons is not up yet and that is really getting on my nerves. To add up my favorite thing has happened, mydomainpvt’s password is again botched. No not forgotten just botched what a surprise gee!!

I will be reading your works whenever airtel allows commenting i guess after my internet is up!


bulletin 16.8.15

Well, thanks for the minutes
And the affection
You left on my posts
Alas my internet usage
Was off the charts
Suffering punishment time
Till its up again
Dont think i am playing
Hard to get
Or am on a mission to moon.

Well i will have to mend my ways because airtel’s internet is infuriating. It just stops working the minute i log in. I will try to comment into blogs or else just read if the **** allows.

But will catch up after 23rd and will go easy from now on. Its really becoming nuisance. 🙂


Hello Friends!

Created this id to read and comment, my other connection is apparently too little to serve my needs. So…. if you want to read my works just go to my blogs in gravatar, all are added there.


I will formally announce it whenever my OTHER connection will allow.

Even though airtel is acting like ****, it is most of the time unavailable, apparently it is investing more money on advertisements less on performance so time will tell whether that idea is actually useful. Right now I am creating this id to simply read and comment, not to write. 🙂

5 mdp may 2015